The hp-cube
The hp-cube
a trustworthy measure of positive-impact performance

| happy people |  x  | healthy planet |  x  | harmonious prosperity |

Value Dimensions of the hp-cube    >>>     Triple Bottom-Line Performance     <<<     Achieved through ISO Standards

Today, we live in a world facing ever-present and escalating threats from climate change, cyber-attacks, social injustice and irresponsible AI.

At SHOKA consulting, we are committed to empowering businesses that are driven by purpose and endeavouring to make a positive impact on human society and the natural world.

Their Impact will be measured by a new triple bottom-line, where company performance results in happier people, a healthier planet, and harmonious prosperity.

We call them the corporate responsibility [hp]s and when compounded, form the hp-cube: a transparent and trustworthy measure of 'positive-impact performance', leading to 'true business-success'.

Happy People

  • Your own people:
    • Enhanced employee morale, productivity, and loyalty
    • Reduced turnover costs and recruitment expenses
    • Increased innovation and creativity from diverse perspectives

  • The people you do business with, and those you serve:
    • Improved reputation and brand image, attracting top talent, customers & partners
    • Positive impact on local communities through philanthropic initiatives
    • Contributing to societal well-being and sustainable development globally

Healthy Planet

  • Planet-Sense is Business-Sense:
    • Operational cost savings through energy efficiency and waste reduction
    • Enhanced resilience to environmental risks and regulatory compliance
    • Long-term viability and continuity of operations in a sustainable ecosystem

  • Commit to the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals:
    • Preserving natural resources and ecosystems for future generations
    • Mitigating climate change impacts and fostering environmental stewardship
    • Upholding environmental justice and equity for vulnerable communities worldwide

Harmonious Prosperity

  • Positive-Impact Enterprises are Business Magnets:
    • Strengthened stakeholder relationships and trust through transparency
    • Reduced regulatory and reputational risks associated with unethical practices
    • Resilient and adaptive business models aligned with long-term sustainability

  • The Doughtnut Economy, bound with a Social Foundation & an Ecological Ceiling:
    • Stimulating economic growth and prosperity in local and global economies
    • Fostering inclusive and equitable economic development opportunities
    • Contributing to the creation of a more just and sustainable society for all stakeholders